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Sean D. Young Quotes

"Every person has a core personality. This personality doesn’t change much throughout life."

"Science shows that people have a better chance of success by focusing on small steps."

"If you want people to stick to a fitness routine or continue to buy your product, that action or behavior has to be important to them."

"Social psychologists know now that the truth lies in the opposite direction. People need to change their actions and their
minds will follow."

"A lot of successful people will tell you their success is not due to intelligence or talent, but because they know how to use their time efficiently."

"If you interact with the same people repeatedly, your brain stores this information so that you’ll automatically feel more comfortable with them." 

"Don’t try and plan ahead. Just focus on the next step of the ladder."

"The lesson is to focus on finding the right first step. Put all of your energy into achieving that first little step. Take the time to reflect on your progress. And then repeat."

"Remember the first time you climbed a ladder or rock wall. It might have been scary. But as you put your foot on the first rung, then moved your hand up, then your next foot, then your other hand, you found a rhythm that made it easier."

"People might know intellectually that they should take small steps toward their goal, but they still plan steps that are
too big."

"Instead of spending their time focusing on dreams of getting rich, they focus on specific short-term goals, like not losing money this week."

"Like my friend, if you tried to compete in a marathon without training, you’d either succeed or fail. Great if you succeed—but if you failed, you probably wouldn’t be excited to keep running."
Sean D. Young Quotes
"Focusing on small steps allows people to achieve their goals faster than if they focused on dreams."
"When people trust other community members—whether family, friends, coworkers, or strangers—they become more willing to learn, more open-minded, and more willing to change."

"People keep doing things that make them feel good about themselves."

"People, just like dogs, will keep doing things if they get rewarded for good behavior. Eventually, these behaviors can
become habits." 

"Just as people have to feel good about themselves to satisfy their need for self-worth, they need to feel like they are in control of their lives to satisfy this need."

Quotes of wisdom by Sean D. Young
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