The Universal Laws Of Cause and Effect


We have to remember that everything we say or think comes back to us multiplied. Cause and Effect. If we yell at a driver for cutting us off on the freeway and make some angry, disparaging remark, then we, in truth, become the recipients of that bad will—ten times stronger than we gave. Why are we held so accountable and these otherwise-oriented folks do whatever suits their fancy and they grow richer and more powerful every day?

You and The Universe

What you do is between you and the Universe. Some people follow the Universal Laws instinctively. It comes naturally to them, like walking or eating. It feels right to them to do the same things some of us have to learn. We all come into this world with different lessons to learn. Some people know how to get rich from the start. The bottom line is you never know another person’s lesson. You never know why or how someone else got rich. You would have to live in their shoes every second of every day and then you still would not know, because each of us has the privacy of an individual soul.

Wealth Acquiring Rules Have Change

There is, however, another reason why this system of acquiring wealth is so important. We have entered a new millennium, a new age in the evolution of humankind. The reality we knew only a few years ago no longer exists. The rules are changing. The richest man in the world and certainly one of the most successful, Bill Gates, is a college dropout. His dream of a computer in every home grows closer to realization every day. Now, people from all walks of life, armed with a good idea and a little inventiveness, are becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams practically overnight. Opportunities for ordinary people to find lasting and elevated success which were once unimaginable are now commonplace. Yes, the rules are changing and the tables are being turned. What is that quote from the Bible?  “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”

Money does, of course, have a power and those who have achieved it by other methods than described here are numerous. But those avenues to success are closing. Even if you want to get rich by hook or by crook, your chances of success are slim to none. There is a changing of the guard. Instead of the good dying young, it is time for the good to win.

The Universal Laws Still Works

Keep in mind, also, that a law is a law. If it works for one, it works for all. The money laws work no matter what else you do. If a Mafia don tithes and gives money away freely, then he will have a tenfold return. Now, his personal relationships may not work well for him. He surely will have to work harder to protect his own life and the lives of those close to him from the horrors he is dishing out. Yes, he’ll make money. He probably will not have as much free time or nearly as much fun. Along with his illgotten gains, he has acquired an unhealthy debt. We are all accountable to the Universe for our actions. Cause and Effect.  What goes around comes around. I do not want to wear those shoes, do you?

Be Caution

A word of caution! Hating the rich and powerful for not doing good is a very dangerous attitude. By damning them you dam up your own good. Those who have obtained wealth by scurrilous means are really doing the best they can. They do not know another way. This has worked for them, and believe me, if you had achieved wealth by other means you would not be reading this. You are not here to judge anyone. Judging others does nothing to benefit you. The fact is, hate is hate, and what you put out, you get back. Multiplied.


Besides, is it not easier to love everyone and let God do the work? Accept it. God does the work. We may earn our living by the sweat of our brow, but the Universe gives us the opportunity. He makes it possible for us to have the work. Is it so hard then to believe that our work really is worship? That by praising God, living a good life and tithing on every dollar of income we are simply allowing the Universe to fill our cups until they run over? It is a very simple system.

Contributed by Thomas Pauley and Penelope Pauley 
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