The Thought of Being Rich Or Poor

Do You Think You Are You Rich Or Poor?

A rich man took his son to a village to show what poverty is all about. He thought his son must understand the difference
between rich and poor. 

The man took his son to a village and pointed to kids playing with roadside dogs. He also showed his son that they had no electricity, no shopping malls, no swimming pools, no computers, and no money.

After the trip, the rich man asked his son about poverty.

Son replied, 

“We have one dog while they have four dogs.”

“We have a small pool they have a long river.”

“We have lamps but they have stars in the open sky.”

“We have a small piece of land and they have a large field.”

“We buy food and they grow their own.”

“We have to play with computers while they have real friends to play with.” 

“We have money which is supposed to make us happy. They have happiness and hence, they don’t need money.”

“Their fathers have time for their children which our fathers don’t have.” 

“This has been eye opening dad!” Said the son “Thanks for showing how poor we are!” 

The rich man was speechless by the perspective presented by his son. 

The father and his son were having different paradigms for the same situation.


Many people think of riches in terms of money, but riches can be other things too.  Freedom of time to do what you like instead of working 9 to 5 is also a kind of riches, at least to me.  So, know your own riches in life and live your own happy life, that is the most important thing you can do to yourself.

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