Fear Of Poverty And How To Deal With It

No one likes poverty and it had become one of the most destructive fears that ever exist. The fear of poverty often prevents people from creating value and wealth. The person who constantly experiences fear is not able to move toward success and change their life. The fear of poverty destroys your chances for success as you don't dare to take any risk.  Eventaully fear eats away your self-confidence and you begin to lose the ability of self-control.

To know whether you have the fear of poverty thoughts, here are some symptoms you can notice if you analyze yourself. Some of them are:

Worry and Overly Cautious

This happen to people who are mostly focused on negative feelings. They are more pessimistic and they remember more of their failures than successes. Individual with such thinking often lead themselves to nervousness and anxiety.

Hesitation and Risk Averse

This are people who have a habit of delaying or waiting for the right time instead of taking an action right now. This is a habit that stops your productivity and efficiency. It also occurs as irresponsibility when blaming others for your mistakes.  You should look at mistakes as a learning journey towards a better you.

Negative Thoughts

Just ask yourself:

- When you hear the news about doom and gloom, how do you normally react?
- What is going on in your thoughts and emotions? 

Are you afraid or worried; or are you confident that this too shall pass and that you can prosper even in the most desperate circumstances?

It comes down to what you choose to focus on. Yes, it is a choice. It does matter how bad things came into your life, you can choose to focus on the negative or you can choose to focus on abundance.  Learn to turn your thoughts from negative to positive.

Indifference and Lack of ambition

It is when you consciously accept your current state as your destiny. You become lazy and you are not ready to take action to change something in your life. These were just a few symptoms that could indicate a potential fear of poverty. It is important to understand this and decide to overcome it.  Making more money eliminates more of this fear and unfortunately, for most of the people this is the only way to eliminate it.


These are just some hints to help you to recognize your own fear and to deal with it. I hope you found this information interesting and useful so that you can constantly learn more and move yourself a little bit closer towards your goal. The content provided above comes from my experience and its intention is to expand your awareness and help you gain more knowledge and your own experience.

As for a fear of poverty there is an old saying: 'Count nothing as "yours" which wouldn't survive a ship wreck with you.' Do you fear just your own poverty or the poverty of others in the world?

Half the World's population never have clean drinking water so if we were reduced to poverty by our standards we would still be kings in the eyes of hundreds of millions of people.

A wider perspective is the enemy of fear.

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