Ways For Getting Out Of Your Fear

Many people are afraid of failure and they ended up not even trying.  Unconsciously, many stay in their comfort zone where they feel safe and wasted many years of their lives.  They prefer to sit at their living rooms watching the Game of Thrones and see how their characters take risks and dies.  Many had this don't try can't fail methodology ingrained into their brains.

The source of continued power is to remove your fear of questioning and be the owner of curious mind.  Don't let your brain enjoy accepting answers as fact, but rather train your brain to always ask when, why, how or what at every opportunity.  This questioning is great for you to better understand how the world works or exploring new theories.

Life is never smooth sailing and there is always up or down as we sails the wave of life.  Many people are afraid of failure and their mind went into the state of fear once they encounter a problem.  That is not the way our mind should work when facing problem and we to train our brain to release our fear-based thinking that live within us.

Here are some ways which you can work on that is effective in fighting against our own fear and be the success you want.


This getting fear out of the way tips come from seeing a therapist.  The advice given was that we should just breathe and observe, like a bystander watching a series of events taking place.  This requires practising and you can get some degree of clarity and determine whether or not your fear and concerns are justified.  The next time when you find yourself in a panic or uncertainty situation, you just take a deep breath and imagine yourself stepping out of your body and observing the facts and events taking place without emotional feelings or judgement.  You will notice that nine out of ten times, you will find that whatever fear you may have at that moment is just false evidence appearing to be real.


When you are face with fear or indecision, you should talk to yourself as you would expect from your best friend.  The word you say to yourself should consist of fact rather than fantasy.  We must all learn to self-talk to ourselves with positive words of encourage that would motivate us and overcome our fear and indecision.  Say to yourself when you are fearful, "what don't kill me will make be stronger".

Breathe Deeply and Release It

Human need to breathe and when you are stress, tense, angry or scared, try taking a deep breath before releasing it.  Breathing deeply not only clear our lungs but also helps us to calm down.  It is one of the simplest and fastest ways to relax your body, bring clarity to our brain and insights.  So, remind yourself to breathe deeply whenever you are in a fearful situation.

Trust The Universe

At times when you look back at our life, we realize that everything seems to have happened for a reason even though it seems hideous at that time and we would say "thank God" that happened.  The best moments in life is when you begin to understand that things and people who are meant to be in your life, are meant to be there for a reason and they will be no matter what.  As we cannot see the future, we just have to trust life and believe that the universe will bring all things good to us.

Reality Check

When in fear, ask yourself what is the worse that could have happened?  Will you still be alive or your life will come to a standstill.  Usually, the worse case scenarios are not as bad as we think it will be.  Whatever that is going to happened will happen.  Do your best and let God do the rest.


You have to be bold and learn to release your fear whenever it is there and before long, you will achieve a state of calmness and inner peace in your life.

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