Never Give Up On Your Dream

Every one of us has dreams and we need to be patient and take action everyday towards our dreams. Whatever the action may be. Each small action per day will give power to your dream and brings you a step closer towards your dream.

However, we all know that life always have a way of getting people caught up in its necessities and responsibilities that prior dreamers don't even realize they've allowed their own dream to die. 

The following are some reasons that you should never give up on your dream and you should quit looking and begin your life.

Your dream has a purpose in your heart.

There are individual who think that having a dream is some sort of self-serving possibility they will get to if they have time. But what you need to know is that whatever dreams you have chosen, you should turn it to reality. If you don't do it, no one will? Your chosen dream carries a premium price because it serves a purpose greater than you.

Your dream serves a need.

There are people who create dreams for the benefits of the world, just like Mother Teresa. If you happened to be one of those, then you must stay focused on the fact that if you give up, others will not experience the answer to their problem. Your dreams are always bigger than you.

People who believe you will succeed.

Yes, in our life, there will be the "haters"- those who secretly (or even openly) want to sabotage your dreams. However our focus is not on them.  Your focus should be on the other group of people who want you to win! If you accomplish your dream that you set, you will give them that needed burst of faith to accomplish (or maybe even begin) their dream.

Failure who want you to fail.

In this world we live, there are going to be people in your life who are stuck. They are trying to get out, but they are not willing to commit the necessary time, energy, money (in some cases) or belief into digging their way out of the quicksand of failure. Somehow, they feel more comfortable in their current situation than taking action to change it. Making changes are too scary for them. This people just want to continue spending time with their TV and they want you to stay stuck with them.

If you wish to develop into a person who never give up on your dream, you must make the decision to keep pressing through, no matter what the haters say. As you pick up your dream again, you just might motivate a few of them to pick up theirs.  Don't get stuck and keep moving forward, that is what is should always repeat to yourself.

Your "Why" Never Give Up On Your Dream

When you create your dream, asked yourself "Why did you chose to start the journey in the first place? Although making money was probably a good motivator, but what is the real "Why" behind your dream. Was it to break the cycle of poverty in your family? To be able to travel around the world? At the inception of your dream, what was that real reason you even began?

The moment you are tempted to quit on your dream, go back to your "Why" and remind yourself that the reason is still there, and you need to keep going.

Ownership of Dream

You need to realize that you owe it to yourself to succeed in your pursuit of your dream. At the end of your life journey, don't you want to be able to smile, knowing you made a difference in the world and accomplished the very thing you were created for? Therefore, go and pick that dream up, dust it off, refocus and keep thinking in a positive manner.

Remember, whether you succeed or not is a choice. It is the by-product of your own determination, skill, hard work and let's not forgets, faith. Go back to that YouTube inspirational video or book if you need to! But above all else, make a decision today to live on your life purpose and never give up on your dream. The world is waiting for you to shine on it.

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