Life Changing Experience When Out Of Job

There are many jobless people who are spending a lot of time watching TV. This had happens because they need time to fill the huge amount of free time that are suddenly available to them. If you had just become jobless, try not to change your everyday schedule. It will helps you to avoid depression and putt you up for life success

Find Things To Do

Moreover, you should keep in mind that unemployment should be part-time and it just a temporary defeat, try to view crisis from another perspective. If you do not have job now, try to use your free time usefully. For example, you can get started to learn a new language, change your CV, and visit different seminars and trainings that are available.

For example, one of my friends lost his job just five months ago due to retrenchment. However, he is a very happy person because he spends his free time very usefully. He had visited many differnt concerts, yoga lessons and has found a girlfriend. He thinks that our full-time job destroys our life because it consumes all our time. I think and believe that he is right because people spend at work at least eight hours a day. 

Avoid Being A Workaholic

I know of some people who are real workaholic. They cannot imagine their life without work. Sometimes, I think that they are living only in order to work. They had forgotten that life is great and very short. We should use every moment of our life in order to be happy. Of course, we should not forget about our own future. It would be very stupid to think that future does not exist. We also should think what we are going to eat and do tomorrow. If you remember these rules, your life will be great.

Another friend who likes to travel during the time when he does not work. Once he was out of work for three months. During that period of free time, he could have visited almost all European countries and get has met his future wife. Now he had found his new work with another company. Moreover, he has had three great children now. I think that losing of job was a big gift and experience that helped him completely change his narrow outlook of life.

In conclusion, if you happend to lose your job due to no fault of yours, try to use time usefully to overcome life obstacles. It is the only method to avoid depression and keep yourself happy as you learn that life without a job is still livable.


Quotes for the day:

"Every problem or difficulty you face contains the seed of an equal or greater advantage or benefit."
-- Napoleon Hill

"If you have an hour, will you not improve that hour, instead of idling it away?"
-- Lord Chesterfield 

"The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days."
-- Lao Tzu


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